Mobil Aeroscope



Integrating drone detection systems with appropriate response mechanisms, such as alerting authorities or activating countermeasures, is crucial for a comprehensive anti-drone strategy. Aeroscope

GPS Jamming

Interferes with the drone's navigation system


Analyzes visual data to recognize drones based on their appearance.

Drone Detection

This Drone radar system are designed specifically for detecting small and low-flying drones.

White and Black List

The system will actively alarm if any drone not listed on the white list is found.

Drone Detection

Portable Drone Detection

Drone detection and positioning system is a new type of Drone detection equipment developed mainly for public safety hazards caused by drone black flying, with the main customer groups being special police, public security, and the military.This device can analyze the communication link signal between the Drone and the remote controller, and obtain multiple data information such as the unique serial number, model, position, altitude, speed, altitude, heading, takeoff point, return point, pilot position, and so on of the UAV.


Drone Detection System that Distinguishes Black List and White List

These white and black lists are used in drone detection and intervention systems to enable security officials to detect unwanted drone flights and respond accordingly. These systems typically involve various detection technologies, data analysis, and automated response mechanisms and are implemented in accordance with security protocols.

Early warning against drone attack

Anti Drone Systems

Cloud Scanner essentially consists of an array of antennas.
a radio frequency circuit, a multi-channel synchronous
receiver and a GNSS positioning module to realize it
Detection and discovery of drones is done at a certain frequency.

The equipment realizes detection and early warning.
By detecting, identifying and controlling the drone or remote control
warns the user with the necessary warning
The device is a passive sensing device, it does not actively emit signals

Track and Identify

It can detect and identify drones in airspace.

Obsidian's unparalleled 3D threat location accuracy and
rapid location updates provide the ultimate in Situational
Awareness of multiple simultaneous threats, allowing the
appropriate action to be taken. Furthermore, this 7/24
monitoring of the environment is performed completely
autonomously, minimising cost of ownership.