Black and White List Drone Detection

RF Drone Detection

Today's increasing use of drones has brought about airspace security and privacy concerns. In this context, a drone detection system that distinguishes between blacklist and whitelist is a technology designed to identify familiar and reliable aircraft and identify potential threats.

RF and Communications Analysis:

The system analyzes the radio frequencies and communication protocols used by drones. Drones that are whitelisted, meaning they are considered safe, use a specific identifying signal or communication protocol. Image and Heat Signature Analysis

Detection and Identification

Multi Channel Drone Radar

Early warning systems against drone attacks can offer a number of advantages. Here are some benefits these systems can provide: Detection and Identification: Early warning systems can detect and identify drones in airspace. This provides a chance to react quickly to the attack and minimize damage. Timely Response: Thanks to the early warning system, one can be informed about a possible drone attack in advance. This gives security forces more time, allowing them to react effectively.

Pilot position display

Showing Pilot Location on the Map

Showing Pilot Position on a Map Our ability to show the pilot position on an interactive map provides security personnel with an instant, visual reference. This is a critical tool for creating an effective defense strategy

Drone Swarm Tracking

omprehensive Surveillance:

Introducing our cutting-edge technology equipped with an advanced drone swarm tracking feature. Unlike traditional tracking systems, our solution goes beyond single drone monitoring, allowing you to track and manage entire drone swarms with precision and efficiency

Precise Flight Path Visualization

Precise Flight Path Visualization

Imagine having the ability to precisely track and visualize the enemy Drone flight path in real time. Our cutting-edge technology is equipped with Trajectory Tracking and Imaging, providing unparalleled insight into enemy drone movement

Drone Detection Historical Data Playback

Drone Detection Aeroscope Time-Stamped Playback

Our system records and time-stamps every detail of your drone's flight, enabling you to playback missions with chronological accuracy. This feature provides a comprehensive overview of past operations.

Intrusion alarm

Real-time Drone Detect Alerts

This Intrusion Alarm feature is not just a detection mechanism; it's a proactive defense solution, empowering your security infrastructure with the capability to respond swiftly and decisively to potential drone threats