White / Black List

  1. White List:
    • A white list is a list that contains trusted or permitted drones.
    • This list typically includes drones of specific brands or models, authorized pilots, or drones used for specific tasks.
    • Drones on the white list are usually granted permission to enter a certain area, and security systems recognize them and give them priority.
  2. Black List:
    • A black list is a list of drones that are considered potential threats or unauthorized.
    • This list usually includes drones used for illegal activities, carrying dangerous equipment, approaching airports, or attempting to enter restricted areas.
    • Drones on the black list are usually considered drones that require immediate action upon detection, often being blocked or neutralized.
These white and black lists are used in drone detection and intervention systems to enable security officials to detect unwanted drone flights and respond accordingly. These systems typically involve various detection technologies, data analysis, and automated response mechanisms and are implemented in accordance with security protocols.